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"The Music Business is Corrupt...

or Maybe You Just Can't Sing?"

How to take responsibility for your struggling career.


"Professor Butler Keeps it Real"


"Professor Butler is genuine, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping folks. This book is great for new AND established artists--a bit of a reality check to what could be holding anyone back in their career. As an artist advocate, I find her advice in this book to be dead on! Professor Butler  says it best: she tells you what others are saying about you behind your back. Hooray for her "in your face" style. She rocks! And so does this book..."

Wendy Day - Rap Coalition

"Finally - honest music career advice"

"In a world filled with clueless "follow your bliss" music biz advice - puffy prose that's all dreams and no blueprints - Professor Butler tells you, step by step, how you're probably getting in your own way, and how that's often most of the battle. A fine lawyer (like Professor Butler) might put it, "Talent is necessary but not sufficient." And while you're working on your craft, you can ALSO be learning how to conduct yourself as a true professional. Failing to do so will cut your career off at the knees, even if you are very talented indeed.

Rich Meitin- Attorney/Professor

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