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Earl Hamilton


I've known Tonya for over fifteen years and I will testify that she is a passionate professional who loves what she does and does it well. She's articulate and knows how to deliver what you want. In the times I've worked with her, she's gone beyond what I had even envisioned. I'd be happy to have her on my team any time!

Jeff Padgett
Criminal Defense
and Family Law

Professor Butler is one of the most knowledgeable people in the entertainment industry when it comes to knowing how to protect and make money with your music or other creative properties.


Keith Hatschek,

Director, Music Management, University of the Pacific

"Professor Butler is a dynamic and insightful music and entertainment industry professional. I've attended a number of her presentations and have found each one to be engaging and spot on in analyzing the topic she is focused on. I can recommend Tonya highly as a guest speaker, facilitator or mentor on music and entertainment industry related topics."


Dackeyia Q. Sterling, CEO/Publisher, Entertainment Power Players

"Professor Butler is an industry veteran whose long history of sharing her knowledge and love for the business with emerging artists and established colleagues is second to none."


Eric Bailey, II,

Coordinator Multicultural Affairs

University of Memphis

"Professor Butler is a walking textbook. She breaks down contracts, copyright laws, marketing methods, and more in ways that are realistic and understandable. For any aspiring professional seeking knowledge of the business side of the music industry, it is definitely to your advantage to take a course with Professor Butler".


Angela Green,

Attorney at Law,

CEO Positioned for Millions

"I have had the pleasure of attending many of Professor Butler's workshops. She has the unique ability to turn a mundane subject, such as copyright law, and make it down right interesting. If the goal is to bring knowledge and understanding to the lay person, then mark my words, "No one does it better than Professor Butler".

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